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Thermal Imaging shows Bio Energy at work

I came across an interesting video recently.  It popped into my FB feed and had been posted by someone I studied bio energy with.  The video shows an energy practitioner named Ilan Bendleman conducting energy work while a woman's neck/shoulder is picked by a thermal imaging camera.  The woman's neck and shoulders are being imaged and there is a large area that is very red at the beginning of Ilan's treatment.  By the end, there is only a small section of the neck/shoulders that is red and the rest is registering as light blue/green which indicates a shift in energy.  In effect, the area has gone from hot and inflamed to cool and no longer as inflamed. 

The technology being used to capture the images of the woman's neck is similar to the kind of thermal imaging camera we might use if we were inspecting a house and were looking for cold zones or hot zones.  The cold zone might indicate a loss of heat - poorly insulated areas show up as blue, for instance.  The hot zone might indicate where heat is trapped - crawl spaces into which inefficient heating systems leak hot air show up as red, for example.  This kind of technology is widely used today in many different situations and the science behind it is well researched and accepted.

So what do we make of Ilan Bendleman's video? Is it possible that his efforts are responsible for the change in the heat signature - from red/orange to blue/green - on the woman's neck/shoulders? The answer is yes, I believe he is responsible.  I say this because I've done similar work on clients - using bio energy on hot, painfully inflamed joints with a result similar to what we see in this video - the joints were less inflamed, cooler to the touch and the level of pain was much less. 

The thermal imaging camera is capable of showing us what energy practitioners have known for many years - that we can shift the energy flows in our clients and by doing so we can ease pain, inflammation and stiffness.   Have a look at the video and see what you think!